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Discuz! info: MySQL Query Error

Time: 2014-7-28 8:17am
Script: /viewthread.php

SQL: SELECT p.*, m.uid, m.username, m.groupid, m.adminid, m.regdate, m.lastactivity, m.posts, m.digestposts, m.oltime,
m.pageviews, m.credits, m.extcredits1, m.extcredits2, m.extcredits3, m.extcredits4, m.extcredits5, m.extcredits6,
m.extcredits7, m.extcredits8,, m.gender, m.showemail, m.invisible, m.xspacestatus, mf.nickname,,
mf.icq, mf.qq,, mf.msn,,, mf.location, mf.medals, mf.avatar, mf.avatarwidth,
mf.avatarheight, mf.sightml AS signature, mf.customstatus, mf.spacename
FROM [Table]posts p
LEFT JOIN [Table]members m ON m.uid=p.authorid
LEFT JOIN [Table]memberfields mf ON mf.uid=m.uid
WHERE p.tid='840682' AND p.invisible='0' ORDER BY dateline LIMIT -0,
Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-0,' at line 9
Errno.: 1064

Similar error report has beed dispatched to administrator before.